1. Persons who do not hold the right to drive a vehicle, who are under the influence of alcohol or psychoactive substances or who have not taken the daily rest as prescribed by law must not drive a vehicle. Also, a person who is tired or ill must not drive if driving may endanger traffic safety. A vehicle must not be entrusted to a person who is under the influence of one of the said factors or who is not authorized to drive a vehicle of that type. When operating a vehicle, the driver must abide by the requirements listed in the driving licence.

  1. At the request of the police officer, the driver must allow to be checked for drunk driving or driving while intoxicated with psychoactive substances in the manner prescribed by the Government.

Maximum blood alcohol content [g/l]
Standard drivers - 0,4 g/l
Novice drivers driving experience less than 2 years - 0 g/l
Professional drivers drivers who drive vehicles the maximum authorised mass of which exceeds 3500 kilograms or having more than nine seats, taxi drivers  - 0 g/l
Drivers who drive vehicles carrying dangerous goods - 0 g/l
The rider of a moped, motorcycle, tricycle, light quadricycle, quadricycle or heavy quadricycle - 0 g/l

Last updated: 04-12-2023