Mission and activities

The main policing institution in Lithuania is the Lithuanian Police. The Lithuanian Police system consists of the Police Department under the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Lithuania, specialized police units, territorial police units and police professional training institution.

Functions and missions

The Lithuanian Police is a statutory organization, ensuring public order and safety, detecting and investigating the criminal deeds and other violations of law as well as rendering other social (humanitarian) aid for the people. The police, in compliance with the laws and other legal acts, impartially protect all people within the territory of the Republic of Lithuania, regardless of their nationality, race, sex, language, origin, social status, religious beliefs, convictions or views. The police activities are based on democracy, respect for human rights and freedom, humanism, morals of society, lawfulness, professional openness. 

The main tasks of the Lithuanian Police are to:

  • protect human rights and freedoms;
  • ensure public order and safety;
  • render emergency assistance to the people when it is necessary because of their physical or mental helplessness, as well as to the people who have suffered from the criminal deeds, other violations of law, natural calamities or similar deeds;
  • prevent criminal deeds and other violations of law;
  • detect and investigate criminal deeds and other violations of law;
  • control traffic safety.

Last updated: 04-12-2023