Use of electronic services encouraged


2020 03 19


In regard to the extreme situation announced by the Government of the Republic of Lithuania and recommendation to provide the services to the population remotely, the Lithuanian Police informs that:
- the public will be enabled to file requests, complaints and reports on offences to the Police by avoiding any contact with the employees of a particular Police station. Police stations will be equipped with special places where a person will be able to leave the documents and be consulted by the respective employee by phone thus receiving comprehensive instructions and the phone numbers of the consultants. In case of personal contact safe distance will be held between the persons. In the state of extreme situation, the meetings with the chiefs of the Police stations will not be organized;
- licencing services will be provided online as usual. People not using electronic services will not be served. Gun firing services will not be provided. People are being informed that liability for non-renewal of permits to store weapons will not apply;
- the Police encourages to file the reports on offences by using the electronic service system ePolicija, to ask for the consultation by sending the letter to [email protected] or send the request to „Lietuvos policija“ account on Facebook;
- the Police will ensure that A and B category incidents (the most dangerous incidents, posing threat to public safety and persons’ life and health) will be treated as usual.
The Police is ready to ensure public safety. The Police stations are provided with all necessary equipment, police officers will perform their tasks regarding the recommendations on protective measures and personal hygiene. The Police employs the system aimed at continuous monitoring of the situation, evaluating possible threats and shaping the response activity accordingly, changing the organization of the activity and assessing the need for necessary equipment.
The Police management has taken the decision to award the officers responding to the incidents and managing the Police forces with additional bonuses as of 13 March 2020 (until this decision is cancelled by a separate order).
The Police urges everyone to stay alert and reasonable and to follow all safety requirements.