2020 03 20


Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 a nationwide quarantine was announced throughout the territory of the Republic of Lithuania on 16.03.2020.
Arrival of foreigners to the territory of Lithuania is forbidden. The transit of foreigners, travelling to their country of residence without a required stopover is permitted until 23rd March, 2020, 12.00 A.M.
In transit You are obliged to:
- follow the shortest route to the nearest open border crossing point or other route specified by police or border guard officers.
- complete your transit via Lithuania as soon as possible.
- avoid any contact with people.
- do not stop without any urgent reason on your route through Lithuania to your country of residence.
Criminal or administrative liability may be imposed for violation of quarantine conditions.  
Criminal liability: If a person in transit infected with a virus and being aware of his illness and warned of the obligatory protective measures which he must observe while communicating with people, exposes another person to a danger of becoming infected with a dangerous infectious disease, may be a subject to criminal liability and shall be punished by community service, or by a fine, or by restriction of liberty, or by arrest.
Administrative liability:  If a person is not ill but violates the conditions of quarantine or transit through Lithuanian territory, he may be a subject to administrative liability and may be imposed a fine up to 3000 EUR.