A new project to strengthen the cross-border police cooperation in the Baltic Sea region


2019 02 13


With the opening conference held on 7- 8 February in Trakai, the Lithuanian Police together with the respective institutions of Latvia, Estonia, Poland and Finland officially started its new project ,,Strengthening the cross-border police cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region" (COOPERANT). The Lithuanian Police together with the representatives of the Voivodship Headquarters of the Police in Białystok, the Latvian State Police, the Estonian Police and Border Guard as well as the Finish National Police Board will work on the project for 18 months.

As the chosen title already suggests, this project aims at reinforcing the ongoing cross-border police cooperation between the five Baltic sea region countries. The project aim will be achieved through four different components of activities. Firstly, the existing cooperation agreements between the involved parties will be revised in order to identify both legal and practical obstacles for their effective partnership. Secondly, the participants will develop the joint-threat analysis mechanism to identify and address the inter-regional threats. By relying on innovative training solutions, the partners will also create an e-learning tool for the police officers to learn how to use the available international cooperation instruments. Finally, a series of trainings for police officers will be held to improve their preparation to address the possible cross-border security threats by enhancing police checks in border areas or temporary reintroduction of internal border controls.

The project opening conference became an excellent occasion for the representatives of the involved countries to exchange their views on the project implementation process and activities as well as to discuss its main objectives and expected results.

Co - funded by HOME funds in the framework of the Annual Work Programmes 2017