Lithuanian Police is implementing a new project aimed for fighting domestic violence in Turkey


2019 01 08


Lithuanian Police is currently implementing the European Union Twinning Light Project No. TR 15 IPA JH 04 17 “Increasing the Organizational Capacity of the Women and Children Sections (WCS) of the General Command of Gendarmerie”.

The overall objective of the Project is to enhance the capacity of the General Command of Gendarmerie of the Republic of Turkey (hereinafter – the GCG) to deliver reliable and effective assistance to women victims of violence and their children as well children in conflict with law. The purpose of the Project is to enhance the capacity of Women and Child Sections (hereinafter – the WCS) of the GCG to improve the effectiveness and efficiency in prevention and fight against violence, including domestic violence, against women and children as well as to contribute to the efforts of protecting women and children against all forms of violence.

The objective will be achieved by strengthening the capacities of the GCG through assessment of the current state of play in the area of prevention and fight against domestic crime particularly against women and children, development of training curricula and delivery of extensive practical training for law enforcement officers working on the ground as well as information sharing activities with the members of society. The project is implemented by the General Command of Gendarmerie of the Republic of Turkey, Police Department under the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Lithuania and assisted by the Central Project Management Agency. The Project will last for 24 months. During this period, the experts from Lithuania and other EU Member States will transfer their knowledge and experience of efficiently preventing and fighting domestic violence through applying efficient communication measures to their Turkish colleagues.

The kick-off meeting of the Project took place on 2 August 2018 in Ankara (Turkey). The event was designated to gather main relevant stakeholders of the GCG, present its structure, foreseen results and planned activities. This meeting was attended by the Turkish stakeholders from the GCG, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Family and Social Policies and other relevant state institutions as well as the Lithuanian experts.

Under the frames of the Project a study visit by the representatives of the GCG was organized in Lithuania on 17-21 December 2018. The participants were acknowledged with the domestic violence prevention and fighting capacities, applicable legal regulation, communication activities in this field, inter-agency cooperation, training and best practices.