Lithuanian Criminal Police Bureau has implemented a project on the strengthening of Croatian Police capacities in tackling organized crime and corruption


2017 09 06


The Final event of the European Union Twinning Light Project No. HR 12 IPA JH 01 16 TWL „Enhancing administrative and operative capacities of the National Police Office for Suppression of Corruption and Organized Crime (CRO NPOSCOC)" (hereinafter - the Project) took place on 30 August 2017 in Zagreb (Croatia). The Project was implemented by the Lithuanian Criminal Police Bureau. The event was designated to present the outcomes the Project, achieved results and completed activities.

The objective of this Project was enhancing capacities of the Croatian Police to efficiently combat organized crime and corruption as these phenomena pose major threat to stability, security and democracy. The objective was achieved by strengthening the capacities of the National Police Office for Suppression of Corruption and Organized Crime (hereinafter - the NPOSCOC) at the national and regional level through improvement of internal administrative, tactical and operational procedures as well as the organizing of practical training events and study visits. The Project was started in January 2017 and completed in August of the same year, the implementation took in total 8 months. During this period distinguished Lithuanian experts have transferred their knowledge and experience of efficiently fighting organized crime and corruption to their Croatian colleagues. Target group of the current project was the NPOSCOC employees from Zagreb and regional departments.

The project implementation was strongly supported by the executives of both the Croatian Police and the Lithuanian Police - during the kick-off meeting, final event and other activities the high level meetings between representatives of both partner countries took place.

During the implementation of the Project, legal framework, administrative and operational procedures applicable to NPOSCOC as well as its current IT capacities were analyzed and reports with recommendations prepared. Furthermore, training needs analysis was conducted and the corresponding report produced. Based on the mentioned analysis, training plans for NPOSCOC officers in the following areas were prepared: training of trainers (ToT); financial investigations and money laundering; organized crime, drug-related crime, economic crime and corruption; information analysis. In that regard workshops for NPOSCOC officers were organized according to the aforementioned topics. Within the project study visits were also organized in Lithuania, which facilitated better understanding of best EU practices in the field of tackling organized crime and corruption. The project also facilitated development of 3 training materials - practical guidelines with recommendations under the following areas: financial investigations and money laundering; organized crime, drug-related crime, economic crime and corruption; information analysis.

As the leader of this Project from the Lithuanian side with pleasure I would like to express my special thanks to the Croatian colleagues for the serious attitude and responsibility for taking proper steps in jointly implementing the Project, which was designated to develop legal regulation, administrative and operational procedures in the area of prevention and fighting organized crime and corruption. Furthermore, this Project, which is already the fifth project implemented by the Lithuanian Police in Croatia, is an example of excellent international cooperation and shows high level of professionalism of the Lithuanian Police and trust in the capacities to implement transnational projects, provide relevant assistance and organize tailored training activities. Hvala vam puna, Bok.

During the Final event Mr. Zvonimir Vnučec, Deputy Director General of the Croatian Police, has said that "Improving the internal administrative and operational procedures as well as technical capacities will enable the Croatian police to more decisively achieve one of the most important priorities in the work - fighting organized crime and corruption which are the most complicated areas of criminality. Any further strengthening of NPOSCOC, either operationally or administratively, sends a clear message that the police are ready and determined in their intentions and achieving their priorities".

Project leader from the Croatian side Ms. Svjetlana Harambašić has expressed her gratitude for the close cooperation with the Lithuanian Police, thanked for the efforts of the Project's experts who assisted in training of NPOSCOC's officers, preparing relevant training materials and developing new ideas, which will be further considered and implemented in advancing our administrative and operational procedures.

Lithuanian Criminal Police Bureau