Leadership of the Lithuanian Police in cooperation with the partners from the Baltic Sea Region


2018 04 10


On 5-6 April 2018 the Lithuanian Police together with the partners from Estonia, Latvia and Poland took part in the final event of the Project “Implementation of the Integrated Information Exchange Platform (INFOEXPLAT)” (hereinafter – the Project). The Project has contributed to the strengthening of law enforcement cooperation between the Nordic and the Baltic States.

This goal was achieved by enhancing the information exchange flows, improving traceability and security of the exchanged information by expanding the Secure Information Exchange Network Application (SIENA) end-user network, increasing the amounts of information exchange with Europol using the Europol Information System (EIS), as well as introducing procedural management in the field of international cooperation by organizing the related training activities and workshops.

In the course of implementation of the Project IT software was created to improve information exchange capabilities. In relation to that national legal acts regulating the exchange of information were reviewed and systemized into structured procedural schemes enabling creation of information exchange methodologies. In addition, the international event related to the publicity and dissemination in the field of information exchange was organized for the law enforcement personnel from EU Eastern Partnership and Western Balkans countries. Seeking to enhance the employees’ skills on international cooperation, based on the developed training program and materials, 105 officials were trained in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. By improving bilateral and multilateral relations between the Police authorities and their representatives from partner countries, events aimed at discussing relevant issues of police activities were organized for law enforcement personnel at the levels of territorial institutions, international coordinators and chiefs of institutions.

As Mr. Rimantas Bobinas, the Project Leader, stated during the Project Closing event: “the Project had a unique structure, it improved the platforms for information exchange at the EU level, enhanced international cooperation by integrating procedural management into its matrix, significantly contributed to the unification of activities of law enforcement institutions in the Baltic Sea Region by carrying out training activities and cross – border meetings of the police representatives.” At the closing event the speakers presented the activities organized during the Project implementation as well as the results achieved. Over 200 officers from the Police and other law enforcement institutions of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Finland and Sweden took part in the Project activities. Cooperation with Europol was carried out while implementing the Project.

The Lithuanian Police will continue to work with the partners seeking to strengthen the regional ties between the law enforcement institutions.

Co-funded by the Internal Security Fund of the European Union

European Commission – DG Migration and Home Affairs